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This two tiered wedding card box has a 14" x 14" base. Covered in pearlescent paper and topped with a light blue, yellow and white topper. These card boxes can be made to match your custom wedding favors.
A sage green box topped with a beautiful, long-tailed fuschia bird. Beautiful ribbon and flowers finish off the look. Anyone who loves birds will love this box. Available in extra small or medium sized...
Sparkling and beautiful, this box is available in all box sizes. Fuschia sparkles make it spectacular.
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Top This Box is a company that makes stunning, hand-crafted gift boxes for every occasion. Our goal is to help gift-givers accentuate their thoughtfulness with beautiful yet convenient packaging that underscores what the gift itself is saying: "You truly are special."

We know of nothing like this anywhere. We think our gift-giving customers will be drawn to it, recognizing instantly that packaging as remarkable as this will reflect very highly on the person who makes use of it. We hope that you will agree.

Please browse through our collections. New boxes are being added every week.